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About Us

Our company is based on the belief that our customers' needs are of

the utmost importance... "Life is what you make it".

Operating since 1995 we at Blair's Flare believe that everyone is

(or should be) the King or Queen of their Kingdom, therefore we endeavour to bring a touch of elegance, style and culture into your life.

With such services as Interior Design, Upholstery, Couture clothing with Natural Jewellery, Life Coaching and Dietary Needs, our entire team is committed to elevating You to your highest potential, enabling you to achieve your true purpose! 

     Imagine living the life you'd always dreamed of...

     Imagine embarking on the dawning of your new life!

      Feels good doesn't it? 

Living in this speedy society has drained many of us of our enthusiasm for life, a large majority do jobs we have no business doing for they bring no satisfaction.

Hobbies, interests and new creations... What is that? "I've no time!"

    What will you be remembered for when you pass from this earth?

What have you contributed to society?

Are your children proud of you?

We've lost sight of the important things in life, due to ever increasing pressure.

Allow yourself the opportunity to live an alternative way, fulfilling your true destiny.

Blair's Flare welcomes the opportunity to equip you with the necessary Mental, Spiritual and Physical tools that will enable your life to Blossom & Bloom.

We trust you will be wholly satisfied as our team delivers the best service in this new all encompassing, holistic livity.