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Journey back to the Shires

Posted on 14 November, 2016 at 21:27 Comments comments (58)

Is MY Bus!On a London hopper bus the other day, it was certainly a pleasure to get in out of the cold, wet and windy U.K winter weather. I took my seat just behind the screen near the exit door (I use it as a draft blocker for those in the know) and snuggled down for my ride back to the Shires.

There was another bus in front of our hopper which was waiting for the traffic lights to switch and let us out of the bus station, out onto the road, but we were still stationary at the bus stop when a tapping was heard. We (the handful of approx. 10 passengers that had entered and the bus driver) all looked over to the door, to see a woman with a buggy standing there in the pouring rain. 
To my surprise the bus driver turned his head back to the front window and did nothing. We waited for a while, during which time the woman continued knocking… awaiting some form of response from the driver. There was none.
I have to ask myself on many occasions am I too nosy, too into people’s business, why should this bother me if it bothers no one else on the bus? But I couldn’t keep quiet…
“Hi, Excuse me there’s a woman and a baby at the door” I stated… just in case he hadn’t noticed. At this point the driver turned around to me and began to stare at me like my old school principle - the look that says “Sit your a-- down, and don’t say nu-en else”.               Maybe my petite frame and good genes fooled him into believing I was a school girl he could intimidate, but it’s been some time since my school days and I really didn’t appreciate that look.                                                                      
“Did you not come from a woman” I asked, “and were you not a child at some time? Would you like your wife and child to be left out in that cold and windy rain storm?” 
He retorted something about not being able to open up the doors for everyone or he would never leave. “I understand driver but we can’t go anywhere at the moment anyway, and we are still at the bus stop technically”. He was not trying to hear that at all and turned his back to me. 
It was at that point I used the emergency button to open the exit door.
With one foot on the bus and one foot on the pavement I beckoned for the woman to come along out of the rain. By now, as it was time for the school run, there was another woman also with a baby in a buggy wanting to get on, and they did.     
The first woman had a few choice words for the driver and the other was happily thawing out in her seat.    Everyone happy yeah? – Uhhhmmm... No!                                                                                                                                                                                 The driver threw his hands up in the air, switched the engine off, and the whole bus went dark…  
“I no driving anywhere, you don’t open my door, is my door, IS MY DOOR!” he shouted at me, eyes now glaring as wide as an Aye- aye's from behind his little cabin window.         "You get out, NOW you get out!"
...Well, I can’t quite remember exactly what I said at that point… something along the lines of - No! This is Transport for London's bus, not yours, without passengers - there is no need for your job and about not letting a “position” get to his head etc. except with a mild Jamaican twang that really does work wonders… The engine and lights were swiftly switched back on, the doors opened wide for a further 5 people (some thanking me) to also board the bus back to the Shires. And off we went.

It occurred to me on the peaceful drive back to the Shires that this society rears the male to have certain views of women that do not promote a wholesome and realistic view of real women. They tend to have to fall into one of these categories: Sex symbols, house slave, a weaker/lesser version of a man that needs to be treated mean to be kept keen, or if she dares enter the world of business, women are still labelled as “hard bitches” if she stands her ground and takes no nonsense. Yet I’ve never heard the term “hard bastard” used when describing a savvy business man. 
I was shocked at the disregard this man showed a baby and a woman in such weather, where was the reverence for the future and their carers. How could she and women in general, bloom happily to raise fully functioning, healthy and happy children if that is how the men of the society viewed and treated her and others?

I found myself going down the “how selfish men are” line of thought, when a situation took my attention off of that. 
The second woman who had bought her buggy on had it turned vertically across two spaces, totally the opposite of the other two buggies which had assumed the correct position to be able to house four buggies instead of three. This meant that further along in the journey, another mother (probably also on the school run) was unable to get on the bus and had to wait in that awful weather for the next bus in 15 minutes time.                                                               
Kmt. After I just show you bout consideration a this you come do?  I had to bring her out of her single minded Barbie girl world for a minute. “Baby girl,” she took her face out of her phone for a second and looked around. “That lady and her child just got left behind because you are taking up two spaces, you were glad to get on when I opened the door for you, why wouldn’t you consider someone else the same way?” She giggled nervously and shrugged her shoulders. I realised then that she was just totally oblivious to everything outside of her I-phone. I get it… the I/ME culture. I had to admit in my head, that we women can be just as selfish as men, knowingly or not.                                                                            
A possible Knock on effect – Woman getting colder, wetter and more desperate to get to that last child/children waiting somewhere in a cold, dark and grey playground as all their friends wave goodbye, looking out worriedly for their mum’s arrival and all in freezing, wet weather. I have been that parent and that child. The ripple effect is real.

BTW, two of the original passengers who were getting off at different stops quietly nudged me on their way out and said “Good on yah for that” and “Yes, yes, you right, you do good”.  I nodded and said take care.                                             
 We were all on the bus, we all saw her and the baby standing in the rain… and yet I don’t know if it be some unspoken English law of keeping a stiff upper lip, cold composure and the order to “Just carry on”, that prevented anyone from saying a word then or when the driver was telling me to get off the bus - but I do continue to find these things funny in a non-humorous way where ever I spot it. Just turn a blind eye for a quiet life. Punkship.

Is it possible that we have come to the point in humanity where we are so blinded by the illusion of man made status, money and gadgets that we no longer see each other?
Many of us are able to see people for whom and what they are and value people, their spirits, skills, uniqueness and experiences as such. Then, there are those of us that only see what you have, who you know, what you can do for them, or how they can get to manipulate you. If you provide none of the latter opportunities… than you will be deemed unworthy/ not of use. “Computer says Naoooo!”

I long for the good old days when commonly: men would give up a seat to a pregnant woman or an elderly person.                     
When men were already enough within themselves not to have to be in unspoken, macho competition with each other or their women.  When elder women taught younger women instead of hating them for their youth and vitality. When young women could revere older women due to their wisdom and a common love and appreciation, instead of what I see commonly now- a- days… blinkers fully on, and relationships of all kinds on sale to the highest bidders.       

Advancement is lovely, but not if we forget or let go of those things which were once the very basics of a well oiled standard of manners and consideration that kept social wheels turning smoothly.
I did not speak from the point of view that I think I am superior or “can do better than you”, my line of thought is, if I have discovered an easier or more beneficial way of doing something, I am sharing it with you. Tone of voice and suggestions of remedy should show that there is no animosity. Offence needn’t be taken, for it is collaboration and the sharing of ideas that has brought and continues to take human kind into the future. It is your choice to see if it is beneficial to you and others around you. In this case the driver listened, saw my point and many benefited as a result.
I too would and do appreciate the same input from my fellow humans being… in a language that I can overstand.                                                         

Be aware that not all beings are here to be used or abused, nor is everyone here to use and abuse others as Annie Lennox may have you believe… although, I am fully aware that these people do exist, (great song btw) however, there are those of us who are here to live our own lives in our own rights, who wish harmony to all around us and to be a part of a beautifully working, woven fabric of society. 
While we may not always be able to afford the luxury of being aware of our surroundings, people around us and how our actions may or may not impact their lives, let us at least be aware of staying within our own personal spaces.    I.E   The car that holds up the lane next to them because unnoticed to them, they have driven over their lane line, oblivious to the traffic piling up behind because their business of texting is far more important than anybody else’s business at that moment.                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Sometimes it’s not all about us, me or I. More than ever is a time that is about all of us together, and how we can all respectfully fit in… together, bridging gaps to complete the full picture that is harmonious earthly living.

If you can not find true harmony in your own life, at least have the decency not to get in the way of others who do or are on their personal quest, whether you deem it worthy or not.                        
If you can not or will not be of help to others, at least… don’t be a hindrance.

Till next time... One Love Peeps,                                                                                                 The Purple Kayz

And the Truth - Shall Set Us All Free.

Posted on 29 September, 2013 at 13:13 Comments comments (23)
Joy filled greetings to you all fellow human beings.

One does hope that these words reach you in a blissful state of achievement, steadily turning this world from a cold, concrete jungle back to the pleasant and glorious, shared gardens it was made to be. 

Firstly, I'd like to thank whole heartedly all those who have shared words of encouragement and gratitude on this blog. Your words and  loving energies have been warmly received and appriciloved. 

   Life with all her twists and turns, has such a wondrous way of revealing our given paths. One's path can be quite clearly mapped out in front of one, however we complicated beings find or allow distractions to take us away from what it is we know we are meant to be carrying out... The truth.

I feel this world has ended up this way because many of us do not use our voices to say what we truly feel or to back up those who speak on our behalves.
Don't want to rock the boat, or stick out, go against the grain. Why not?

How many times have you swallowed your words? Seen injustice and said nothing, 
watched wickedness and walked away?

I do admit, not all words should be spoken publicly, but there are far too many constructive words going unsaid.

Take for example the  bunch of friends getting ready for a night on the town.
One asks the others "Do I look alright in this?"....
Now, it is quite obvious to these familiar friends that the outfit the person has chosen to wear on this night is by far not to their usual standard, nor does it compliment the person in any way, shape nor form. 
Should they tell their friend that they look great, so as not to offend their feelings and to just get to the club quickly? Or should they be honest and point out what does not look right about the situation, knowing that they run the risk of offending, having to wait longer for their friend to go and change or even starting an argument? 
"What do you Mean I don't look good?!!!"... eyes glaring. 

In my opinion, If truth were something with held in a relationship of mine, I would not consider that person a true friend. 

What type of friend would I be to allow my homey to come out looking shabby? 
Yes, yes, they are a grown person, capable of their own decision making, but they have asked for advice. 
While one cannot/ should not force their opinion upon others, we do (I feel) have a responsibility to our fellow man to be honest. 

In the wider scheme of things, we see daily on tel li vision boxes and within the media things that do not suit, benefit or even consider the greater good for humanity. Yet BILLIONS of us tut in our various boxes, grumble and complain amongst our close companions and swallow yet another blow to humanity.
Some of us don't tut, but "As long as it does not affect me"... then that is all right.

   Where are we going to allow things to get to before we open our mouths and use them. 

"But I vote, I am using my voice". 
What does that voice really say? 
I will leave you to delve deeper into that one on your own.

We have seen many members of the public come forward at various times through out history to speak on the many different injustices experienced by millions around the globe.
What seems to be the usual treatment of these gone before us would deter many, as Mysterious Death, Murder or simply Disappearing would be seen as rather strong deterrents. 
However I ask the question... Is it better to live a hundred years as a sheep or a day as a Lion? 

   I used to pay for a license that permitted me to watch on my box, in my box other people telling me their versions of the truth. Then I woke up.

I realised that actually I was paying for brainwashing, desensitisation and terrifying reports with pictures of horrors being executed upon other living souls around the globe.
Barring a few channels, the majority seemed set upon sending a message of fear amongst the people. I thought it best for me to refrain from listening to another man's version of the truth and experience it for my self via getting off the couch and creating reality.

Just like the  media feels no qualms with bombarding us with their stories and spins,
I say turn up the volume on Youtube!!!! Because I care far more for the ordinary man's truth then the lies of those that place themselves upon fast fading pedal stools.

We are All qualified to be upon this earth, therefore all valid and imperative to the whole.
There are none who may justly claim supreme authority over any man but himself. 
IT IS THE RESPONSIBILITY OF US ALL to be caretakers of each other and this planet we inhabit. 

There is nothing wrong with allowing others to aid this journey, but be very careful and clear on boundaries.

Should you place your self value, welfare, spiritual growth, physical health or the nurturing and development of your being in the hands of another....... I would ask you to seriously reconsider and ask yourself why you do not trust yourself to know your way?   Perhaps you've invested so much in your brainwashing that you have not realised that you have given your power away to those that did not deserve it nor preserve it.   

Isaiah 56:11
Yea, they are greedy dogs which can never have enough, and they are shepherds that cannot understand: they all look to their own way, everyone for his gain, from his quarter.

Isaiah 59:14,15
And Judgement is turned away backward, and justice standeth afar off: for truth is fallen in the street, and equity cannot enter.
Yeah truth faileth, and he that departeth from evil maketh himself a prey: and the Lord saw it and it displeased him that there was no judgement.

The Qur'an 5:48
And we have revealed unto you the book in truth confirming that which preceded it of the scripture and as a criterion over it. So judge between them by what Allah has revealed and do not follow their inclinations away from what has come to YOU of the truth. To each of you we prescribed a law and a method.
Had Allah willed he would have made you one nation, but to test you in what he has given you; so race to good. To Allah is your return all together, and he will inform you concerning that over which you used to differ. 

Who is the benefactor when truth is with held?

Who loses when truth is with held?

Would you call for help upon hearing a female neighbour being beaten at the hands of an abusive husband? Then why do we do nothing as Mother Earth and masses of her children are still being destroyed? As long as it doesn't affect you right!

Be a true friend to the planet... Talk the truth, no matter who has a problem with it.
Constructive critique can only brings perfection... we need not fear that.

Till the next time cheery peeps, Toodles.


Everybody Hurts.

Posted on 20 May, 2013 at 6:16 Comments comments (10)
Many Blessings to you all on this truly fresh day!

Life is a truly wonderful thing to experience.
We do not get to choose the circumstances in which we are delivered into, however the Creator does not make mistakes, so one must realise that they are placed where they are supposed to be and in the correct time for them to be there- whether we agree or not- there is vital meaning to our positioning in this Universe.

It is all to easy as we allow ourselves to be dictated to by outside sources to loose site of or never to gain site of our reason to be, but inside... We know.

We all have ideals in our hearts of what we think should and shouldn't be, some of these ideals keep us morally grounded, honest, respectable to our fellow brethren and as reasonably well behaved citizens. 

What we must never forget is that not all beings have peaceful ideals.
Not all beings see honesty as anything important. Respect is not something everyone has.
Not all beings wish for fairness or believe we are equals. In fact, some beings make it their duty to feed off of other's energy, time, emotions, resources etc in order to boost themselves with little or no regard to how it will affect another.

I find it my duty to warn you decent people of these beings.

While it is lovely to trust and be open with one another - ONE MUST PROTECT ONESELF!

This is a time where none can afford to be naive... for there are entities that will use, abuse and keep right on stepping looking for their next victim, they will see nothing wrong with this... it is just their way, as long as they get what they want, who else matters?

None of us are perfect, but I trust the majority of us are gaining in maturity and humanity everyday. Part of that Maturity is being aware of and accepting (not necessarily agreeing with) that we are all different, and have different roles in this real life movie.
Protagonists, antagonists, supporting roles and villains are but a few that we come into contact with daily and whose roles we take on ourselves in different situations/ scenes.

Luckily we do get to choose what role we play. 

In the words of Annie Lennox
 "Some of them want to use you, some of them want to be used by you. 
  Some of them want to abuse you, some of them want to be abused"

The things that happen to us are the things we allow to be done to us.

For those of you whose rose tinted glasses have never been peered beyond, I'd like to tell you to be aware. You can't be no fool out here!

But should you encounter the sting, the abuse of those you put your trust in, the bitter taste of some people's ego stroking, immaturity, ignorance or down right wickedness...   Let me tell you, LIFE GOES ON BABY! BELIEVE ME, LIFE GOES ON!
Even if you feel like your heart has been ripped out, drawn by wild horses through the wilderness, tattered by poisonous thorns, ripped to shreds by a starving salivating pack of wolves, defecated on, set on fire with a blow torch and left alone to blow to all four corners of the Earth.... Yes, Even then, LIFE GOES ON! 

It is up to you now that you have proof of their ways weather you will put up with such treatment or not. It is up to you if you wish to keep these beings around you or in your life. Purely down to you if you allow anyone the space in your life to upset, perturb or distress you. The decision is truly yours and yours alone!

If you choose to give space, time and audience to such like, do not bother the world with your complaints or cries of pain, as you have clearly chosen to have them there creating more pain, defecating on what should be your beautiful life experience.

We were born alone, and alone shall we return to the Most High, hopefully with our works completed.  

There will be Real friends, associates, family members, lovers, spouses, colleagues with whom collaboration will be blessed, just be aware that you are not always the one giving more than you receive. Real love goes both ways.

"Everybody Hurts, sometimes"
Look for the lesson in the experience so you may learn and grow, pick up the pieces, Then...Get Yo Ass back up, Coz we got "no time for fake ones!"

There is MUCH work to be done if we are going to make this world a better place.
Blessed Love,
The Kayz

Re: Email Addresses

Posted on 20 May, 2013 at 4:42 Comments comments (38)

Blessings unto you all good people.
Thank you for your warm energies.
There have been a few technical difficulties with the email addresses but they have been since taken care of, so communications may continue as normal. 
Thank you for your patience.

K. Blair

So much trouble in the world

Posted on 6 September, 2011 at 8:19 Comments comments (19)
Greetings Brethren and Sistrins,
I hope all is stable, sturdy and steadfast with you all.
In the present climate of revolt all over the globe, today I will speak on "So much trouble in the world"
Murder... Legal and Illegal. Genocide. Human rights diminishing. 
Yet another 'dictator' being taken down without any trial and jury. Riots ranging from the young to the old, north to south, east to west and all amidst the background of constant war.
Whats one to do in all this?
Hold your head, When all else around you is loosing theirs, hold yours steady.
We are heavily influenced by the forces of energy around us, whether we realise it or not. If we do not filter what our ears hear, what or eyes see and what our mind takes in we could end up filled with rubbish.
It is imperative for us to remain linked to the All, to nature, to our creator.
Of course one must be aware of what is going on in the world around you, but let it not sway, deter nor discourage you, for there is much work to be done for the good of mankind. If we allow ourselves and actions to be fuelled by the media, the status quo, society or the angry mob we are left out of control of where we end up.
Be in control.
Step ever diligently toward the mark.
Go ever deeper into the realms of yourself and discover.
There is "So much trouble in the world",
But what you gonna do about it?
Sit and complain? Sit and cry? Keep trudging on day after day in a life that you hate and watch daily as your earthly brothers are gunned down 'legally' in a life that somebody else created for you?
'Its a free world' so they say, THE CHOICE IS YOURS.
Or we can rise, every morning and create our own paradises, planting seeds in our homes, our neighbourhoods, our communities.
I know your only one person, but one is a marvelous number.
Your seeds will grow!... If you water them, if you tend to them, show them love and over standing, ask the all to protect, nourish and keep them.
If each of us took care of our little pockets of the globe...
Took responsibility for our parts of the globe...
Defended these places, 
Fought battles for
and stood tall in these places,
I think - there would be so much more
love, honour and respect in the world.
Let's put it to the test.
Blessings all day, everyday,
The Kayz

Like Glue

Posted on 18 May, 2011 at 5:42 Comments comments (115)
Greetings to you all 
on this cool and fresh morning, children of the Most High.
Todays topic 'Like glue' is about our different roles in the tapestry of our lifetimes, and how they can pull things together.
"No man is an island", you may of heard this saying before meaning that although we are extremely capable beings, we all need help, advice, love and support from others at times, and that we should not be afraid, ashamed or too proud to accept these things when the Creator sends them our way.
We may sometimes think that the things we do or do not do only effect us, but this could not be further from the truth.
As we are all here existing and experiencing this world at the same time our lives are intrinsically interwoven, whether we notice it or not.
For example, I am who I am partially due to the nurturing, love and influences of those who partook in my rearing.
The view points, actions and personal stories of my carers, peers, teachers also my environment have all had input into the moulding of who I have come to be today.
Think of your favourite teacher, (no matter how long ago) the one who took a little extra care to make sure that no student was left behind. That teacher who taught you more than the topic they were paid to, but also imparted wisdom and life skills that were not on the curriculum.
Think of the most influential person in your life, be it your Father, Mother, or any another role model that has helped you to decide who you are today...
What knowledge, wisdom, skills did you learn from them?
What qualities did you see in them, admire and then instill into your own life?
How have these things effected your life, the lives of your children, and your family?
Now, Imagine.
Imagine that person never existed, or they were the opposite of what you remember them to be.
The wealth of knowledge never passed on,
love never received,
life skills never learned.
The links never made.
How could it of influenced you differently?
We are all linked!
If I am not where I am meant to be, I can not help.
I can not introduce you to things, thoughts, or people if I am not
'in place'.
Take for instance the mother Bear raising her cub in the wilderness. Because she learned what she did from her mother, she is able to teach her new cub the essential skills needed for him to survive.
How to find and catch food, which foods are good for him, which may be poisonous, the best places to find shelter from the elements,
to keep away from hunters.
All pretty important if the new cub is to survive.
But what if for some reason, she had not learned from her mother.
What if she never paid attention to the fishing skills, finding shelter lessons, hibernation laws?
Well firstly she'd be in a terrible state! Malnourished, battered and bruised by the seasons and totally out of sync with her natural self, nature and environment.
In this state what can she possibly teach a cub about survival?
How loving will she be to this new dependent life?
As a result... What is to become of the cub?
In life we must realise that who we are and who we are not, has much influence on those around us, those we see watching and those we don't.
Much influence in the standards they will set for themselves,
in the way they will interact with others,
what they will dare to do in their own walks of life.
The effects their actions will have on the world... Good or Bad.
We must be bothered to be our best.
We must never tire of striving for better.
It is what we teach through actions as well as words that will be learned and determine the future.
If we are not where we are meant to be mentally, spiritually and physically... What can we possibly teach that will be of any good to our 'cubs' and our brothers and sisters around us.
Don't be complacent in life, it is not just about you.
Do not think that all your learning has ended, it never does. To close one's mind in thoughts that "I know it all now, It's my way or nothing at all" is to stump dangerously one's growth... and as we are all linked... this thinking stops the progressive growth of children, families, communities... Mankind.
                         True Knowledge of Self.        
Love, Actions of Honour, Bravery, Self Determination, Fairness, Kindness
              Gentleness, Attentiveness and Real Honesty. 
Be 'in place' mentally, spiritually, and physically... lets go deeper. 
Be the glue, because without it, things fall apart.
Walk Good with Blessings,
The Kayz.

Do not be afraid of your greatness!

Posted on 21 April, 2011 at 14:23 Comments comments (23)
Greetings Bretherin,
I trust that this strong finds you and your loved ones in great harmony with Mother Universe and doing great things towards her and our restoration.
My apologies for the delay, I shall have to ensure that life never gets too hectic for me to reach out with word to my fellow human beings.
“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, and fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small doesn’t serve the world. There’s nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do. We are born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It’s not just in some of us, it’s in everyone. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.”
                                                                            Nelson Mandela
How many times have you found yourself playing down to 'fit in',
All too aware of what others have to say, do or think of you?
What is fitting in?
Is it not reserving oneself to be the same as everyone else?
Is it not The Most Boring, unimaginable and plain old punkish behaviour going? Playing it safe. 'I Don't want to rock the boat now.'
Where would man kind be today if we all played it safe?
No one would of ever seen any other country other than the one you were born in as "It's too dangerous to go out there on the ocean".
Fly? Up there, in the sky, with nothing to hold on to? Are you mad man?! 
An operation? Blood Transfusion? Oh no, that's just too darn risky, I'm afraid this chap's days are over!
Now although I think there are lines to be drawn when it comes to the desired heights of technology, I believe we were given free will to exercise it to it's fullest (without taking the....).
Something I know that effects our ability to exercise braveness is... What if I get it wrong?
What if I make all the sacrifices, put in all that work and spend all my money on it - and it doesn't work! I'm stuck, and it was all for nothing.
But, what if it does work?
Can you afford not to try?
Even if it didn't turn out to be exactly how you pictured it... It is here none the less, and here only because you made it happen.
(Let there be light!)
Now you have more knowledge and experience so the next time will be even better.
My friends, this world can ill afford the second hand attention we've been chucking at it when we feel like.
This IS a WONDERFUL WORLD, with wonderful people and great natural beauties to behold and take part in... I know you know this is true. Theres just a hand full of assholes (excuse my french) trying to be greedy up in the midst of true living. But we got to step up.
If evil doesn't rest from it's handy work, why should the good rest.
I implore you to BE.
I urge and encourage you to shine beyond measure...
we've come this far... but yet we have far to go, and the only way we will get there- is by shining, your great, natural and genuine shine.
Don't worry if you rock a few boats... Or even a whole lot of them,
as long as your working toward the restoration of self and/or Mother Universe... I got your back.
"Let your light shine,
 there maybe someone down in the valley trying to get home" 
 Be a part of that light-house, so we can all get home.
    The Kayz.

How quickly we forget.

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Greetings and salutations to you all,

I trust this is a great new year for you as the Spring springs upon us.

Do you have a good memory?
What things do you remember, everything, or a selective few things?

It's quite easy to remember rough times, hurtful things, down right shocks and horrors, they stick out. They mark deep grooves into our minds, and if we re-live them by talking over and over about them,   they stick with us even longer.

Some of us without thinking hold on to these horrible memories, in the recesses of our minds, and allow them to effect the way we live, think and interact on a day to day basis... in fear.

Do we remember the good things?
Do we take time out to share the 'gossip' of a good thing just as much as a bad thing? With the same enthusiasm?

If we were to remember all the good things we've experienced... Wow!
Just take a moment each day and remember some good times,
look around at your surroundings and find things to be grateful for, because "No matter what you've got, you've got a lot!"

The people that live with you or around you, remember some nice things that they have done, it'll make you appreciate them more. Bring it up in conversation the same way you would not so great things.

The Creator has bought us through many, many trying situations that we may not of seen a way out of.
We've accomplished many things in our lives thus far.
Faced things some would cringe at.

Why then, do we forget these all these feats, all those victories?
How quickly we forget, allowing challenging times or other  people to 'rock our boats'.

You are fabulous!

You are not just today's situation...
you are a culmination of many years of experience, accomplishments, character building scenarios, battles fought and won, which is why you are still standing today.

Remember all things,
you may find your actually in love with life.

The Kayz.

Can you help me?

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Dear Gran'ma Moses,

Sometimes I feel like i'm locked up inside.
I know that sounds weird, but what I mean is that I feel like I cant say what I want to say, or do what I think I should be doing. 
I have spoken to some of my friends and family about this, some of them say that I  should free up myself, say whats on my mind, and do whatever it is I feel I should be doing (providing it is good for me),
but when i've started exercising this, they are some of the first to complain about me speaking my mind.
It seems I should speak my mind...but not to them personally.
I tried to help someone on the streets once (standing up for what is right, human rights) and I ended up arrested!
This has made me feel like I don't really want to 'not be liked' because of speaking my mind, especially by my family and friends.
And I don't want to do certain things if I'm going to end up with a criminal record. (which I didnt get, as the po-po dropped the so-called case)
Even tho I have gone back to my old ways of 'keeping quiet', and my peeps are happy with the old me, and theres been no arrests since that time, but now...
I feel rubbish. Not rubbish, but not real, not really me. Or who im supposed to grow into.

Can you tell me how I can be true to myself, my real feelings and convictions while still keeping my family and friends o.k with me.
And also without getting arrested.

Bless up,

Anon. Hackney

P.S I hope you dont mind the 'Moses' thing, I just like what you put up here, you remind me of Grandma Moses. Not saying your old and ting. sorry, Respect.

The dark hour before the dawn.

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Greetings Blessed people of this fruitfully, fertile land,
I do hope you are all fine and well.
Tis a simple journey, life.
Yet, it comes with many, many intricacies.
The destinations may be clear, yet the directions on how to get there...
a little less clear.
Sometimes the route is clear, yet there are unplanned obstacles or detours which may force one to try alternative, unknown routes.
How does one 'keep the faith' whilst in the midst of unknown territory?
Similar to a child in the back seat of a car on a long-haul journey, we can sometimes adopt the "Are we there yet" syndrome in our lives journey.
"Patience is a virtue" you've heard it said before, but are we patient enough?
What if we got points for our composure during these unchosen and trying times? Points for manners, appreciation, understanding, patience, dedication, calmness and grace. 
Would you pass the test? 
Do we possess enough diligence in those in-between stages, or do we whine and whimper about the distance? The length of time the journey is taking.The things which are required of us. Whether it's the scenic route or not.
We sometimes do one, all or a combo of these things and more,
none of which help...
and sometimes out of lack of patience - we just jump ship!
The Darkest hour always comes before the dawn...It must, this is law.
Just because you may not be able to see the horizon, doesn't mean it isn't on the way.
If we only know sometimes just how close we are to our blessings,
what marvels lay awaiting over that last hill...
I know.
Your tired...
Of climbing hills...
Jumping hurdles...
Facing all odds...
And  plain ole Trudging on, But...
If you don't,
would not your whole journey thus far of been a waste?
All seeds planted left to wilt, wither and die.
Your destination, the plans you had for it - your vision, dashed and damned to nothingness.
Ifyour vision is important enough to you, don't you owe it to yourself?
Why start if only to complain about it?
Why come this far if only to turn back?
There were times past when you were unsure if you would make it, and yet here you are, still steadily moving on, and you'll keep moving on.
How quickly, precisely and correctly is purely down to you and what you choose to focus your energy on.
The darkest hour comes before the dawn - This is law.
Don't be afraid of the dark... Use it wisely.
The Kayz